Official Press Release


"The Revenge Of Shinobi" is a fantasy / adventure film set in the not too distant future.

Following the destruction of civilization in The East by unknown dark forces, the last remaining survivor of the onslaught, the powerful warrior Shinobi (Natalia Cullen) travels to The West to prevent further loss of life.

There, on the outskirts of the dystopian capital city, she meets a young Shaman (Ashlee Foley) who leads a resistance from a network of underground tunnels. Together they embark on a quest that will lead them down dark paths, in a test of physical and mental power towards the ultimate battle between good and evil.

After a clash with the private army of the corrupt city Mayor (Michael Parle) and his cunning assistant Miss Fielding (Sophia Scott) they are separated by a dramatic event that will put Shinobi in a head-on collision course with the darkest force of all in a modern tale of survival, betrayal, loss and revenge.


The film is written and directed by Gary Kenneally, the director of the 2012 documentary "Let The People Sing" which charted the rise of controversial Irish band The Wolfe Tones and premiered to critical acclaim at the Los Angeles Irish Film Festival.

Lead actress Natalia Cullen, originally from Moscow, makes her feature film debut with a powerfully emotive and action-packed performance supported by talented teenager Ashlee Foley and sexy starlet Sophia Scott. Real-life martial arts master Henry Corrigan portrays the physically imposing evil warlord Shinigami, with Irish wrestler Xavier Burns as his right hand man. Also featured in the movie is indie horror legend Michael Parle whose creepy performances in over 20 films have earned him acclaim at many of the world's top festivals.


The film was shot between May and August 2013 in Waterford, Wexford and Wicklow in Ireland, September 2013 in Bonn and Meckenheim in Germany, and in March and April 2014 in New York, Philadelphia, and Georgia, USA. It is a co-production between Black Paddy Pictures and Kenneally Films, with the participation of Cork Film Centre. Two exclusive trailers were released for a limited time to Twitter followers. The full trailer will be released across all social media in February 2015.